Extend Your Development Team

Let us assemble a team of software developers for you

*How We Help

We can help when

  • You are having a hard time hiring and securing excellent, cost-effective IT talent in your home location.
  • You need to develop new products and features without defocusing the core team.
  • Every year you are pressed to deliver more with the same IT budget.
  • Ever changing development goals require fast scaling, and you cannot afford a long-lasting hiring process.

*What we offer

Cost reduction up to 60%

You don’t need to waste resources on housing, hiring, administration, taxation, and other expenses that come with an in-house team.

Quickly add/remove staffs to your team

You may need more programmers in your team in a particular season of the year, or for a particular project. No problem, we can help you scale up/down easily.

Clear and transparent terms

Our terms are very clear and friendly regarding the rights of the source code, payment terms etc.

You retain control

You control the team, while we take care of the rest.


Companies that trust us


TBC Bank Group Plc




Atrion Systems


How it works

Once you approve the members of your dedicated team, they become your full-time employees, working from our office in Kyiv. You manage your team directly.

Outline your requirements

Let us know the number and skill set of potential employees.

We find talents

We find talents and send you resumes of the most suitable specialists.

Interview and Code Review

Pick the resumes you liked the most, and we will schedule interviews within 2 days.

Make Selection

We will wait for the interview and code review results.

Onboarding & Kick-off

We take care of everything: employee satisfaction, motivation, their working time, sick leaves, vacations, and team building.

Put the team to work

Manage the project, development process and terms directly.


Questions? We have answers!

Why us?

Setting up a development team abroad is challenging. Our team has years of experience in establishing successful teams that match your company’s DNA and work seamlessly with your company.

Why Ukraine?

Ukraine has a vast talent pool, with over 100,000 IT professionals, in which there are beyond 60,000 software professionals ready to undertake work on your company plans.

Where are your offices?

Our offices are based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

How long will it take to hire a team?

The full process might take from 1 to 5 weeks.


Let's create something together!


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Business Development Manager
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Maryna Shevchenko

Regional Sales Head
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